Enlight your dreams

Because lighting is more than a common product, each brand we distribute is state of the art and technology leader in their specific area of expertise.

Light Efficiency

The proposed solutions offer the best lumen / w efficiency. To achieve this, we use the latest component versions. An LED module offers up to 150 lm / W. At the output of luminaire and ensuring a mastered glare, the ratio is currently turning around 100lm / W.

Quality Focus

The proposed LED solutions only include PREMIUM components selected from the best players in the sector. No compromises on quality, we ensure traceability of components.

Interchangeable LED modules & drivers

An LED project must be thought of in the long run. We propose solutions where the LED module and the driver can be easily replaced. We advocate lasting solutions.

Guaranteed result

We are committed to a result. This result is a mix between unobstructed economy, the level of light to be achieved in respect of the standards, a visual comfort and an aesthetic level. This involves a complete process from study to operational monitoring. Our approach is above all a profitable and sustainable solution. Our simulations of potential savings and return on investments are challenges over time. Our customers then confirm the reality of our projections.

Comfortable light

When a bright light is directly in the field of view of the worker (lamp, luminescent tube, window ...), there is direct glare. Homogeneity is also an important element. When the eyes have to adjust regularly to these differences in light intensity, it results in visual fatigue. Quality lighting boosts your business

Taylor Made Solution

Because each situation is specific, it sometimes requires a specific solution. Nothing is impossible. With this in mind, we develop tailor-made luminaires to meet 100% of the specificities of the project. Modify a power, a dimension to propose a new solution.

Our Passioned Team

We believe that passion makes it possible to go beyond limits and create a result that surpasses expectations.
We design and provides LED lighting solutions for customers of all sizes, specializing both in Office lighting, retail and technical lighting for ware-houses and industries.