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    • Send this request (1 request for each device without RMA-number) to BELUX-aftersales (Ledealight).

    • Mail us also photos of the device, problem and environment of the placed material.

    • Only after approval from LEDEA Light you receive the RMA-number that you must fill in on top of this document.

    • Only after approval from LEDEA Light send this RMA-document and in the original box to: LEDEA Light - Avenue de Schiphollaan, 3 B-1140 Evere

    • We will make a repair as soon as possible or exchange, depending on the spare parts that are in stock.


    • Shipping costs to and from LEDEA Light are always at the expense of the customer;

    • Damage during transport is not our fault.

    • When after the quotation the customer decides not to repair the device, a cost of € 75 (excl. taxes and shipping costs) will be charged.

    • Prices to return the goods at non-warranty :

      • Package less than 25 kg: 65,00 euro (excl. taxes)

      • Euro Pallets 80cm x 120cm x 14,4cm: 125 euro (excl. taxes)

      • Pallets other than standard euro pallet: ON REQUEST


    No warranty in case of:

    • Damage due to accidents, wrong use, abuse, inappropriate maintenance, …

    • Damage to chassis (cfr. Scratches or dents).

    • Parts where the serial numbers have disappeared.

    • And also according to our LEDEA Light sales conditioned.

    Contact technical support department

    • Tel : +32 2 763 20 94 / PRESS #5 FOR the TECHNICAL SUPPORT DEPARTMENT

    • Avenue de Schiphollaan 3, 1140 EVERE, BELGIUM